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We don’t mention that name

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I’m sure all of your recognized the famous words of Lefty Ruggiero ( brilliantly portrayed by Al Pacino)  and you’re now wondering how am I going to use that to open a post in a photography blog… Well, wonder no more!

As you all are probably aware of, there are words that mean completely different things in different languages. And I am also sure that you already know of a certain city in Croatia that shares the name of the Botswanian  currency and that is a word that us Romanians use  in a multitude of ways

Today’s post has some pictures captured in the above mentioned city, in Croatia. I will talk more about Croatia in other posts, here are some post-worthy images that reflect my memories of Croatia:

Neptune Building in Pula, Croatia

Neptune Building in Pula, Croatia

How things are going in the Balkans  (especially Romania)

Broken bike in Pula, Croatia

Tough to steer !

Don’t look at this cat when you are alone at night (and it’s raining with a thunderstorm)

Cat from Hell

Cat from Hell

And, I just have to end the picture series with the most beautiful beach, the one that you just should not miss while visiting Pula:

Whaaattt?  What do you mean this doesn't resemble your idea of a beautiful beach???

Whaaattt? What do you mean this doesn't resemble your idea of a beautiful beach???

Since I had a month-long holiday, I feel the need to remind you all that IF you are interested in seeing more pictures from Croatia (and neighboring Hungary and Serbia), a good way to be sure not to miss when I post them is to subscribe to the blog.  It’s free, and you only get updates when I post something.