My Story

When I was growing up I dreamt of becoming a stockbroker, so I went to the Academy of Economic Studies and studied “Banks and StockExchanges” for 4 years.

Unfortunately, pretty much as every other Romanian student 🙂  I did not learn anything about my future dream job in the specialized faculty. The only useful thing I learned in 4 years of faculty was how to make DCF calculations.

In the process of writing my graduation paper I realised I could learn much more from the Internet. I started avidly reading The Fool and Investopedia and I realised that movies do not show you exactly what a broker is.

What I really wanted to become was an analyst. So I got hired at a young and forward thinking Department of an old and idiosyncratic institution, doing financial stuff, and I got up the ladder until now when I still manage the finances of the institution (investing plans, cash flows, payments, etc – boring stuff for most people).

My bond with IT comes from the fact that after the communism fell, our family started doing very badly, because both my parents were university professors, a category that used to be highly regarded in Romanian society and that is now one of the least fortunate ones (together with doctors).

That meant my parents could not give me the money I needed to be in line with the other kids on the block, so I had to work as early as 14 to get some extra cash. The easiest thing I could do at the time was to typewrite, and how to better do that than on a PC?

After finishing the unrewarding faculty I realized I had some 10 year of experience working with computers in different areas, so that I could easily go that military service was still compulsory so I had to go continue my studies. That’s how I got a Masters Degree in Computer Networks.

I worked for years in a IT department, so I had contact with very skilled young persons in the field of networking, so last year we decided to start our own company in 2007.

We are now in the first 10 Cisco Partners in Romania.

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