Welcome My Friends!

I decided that I have enough things to share with y’all and that it is easier if I start a BLOG.

It would save me from having to tell each of you the same story again and again.

As you know me by now, this is not a problem for me but for people that spend some time with me and willfuly have to  listen to the same story several times.

Although, come to think about it, some have acknowledged that the stories just get better and better.

What you will find on this blog: pictures from my travels, info about my trips, ranom thoughts about life in Romania (especially Bucharest).

For those of you who do not know me yet, please read the Who I Am and My Story pages.

If you want to stay posted the easiest way for you to know when I publish something is to use the RSS Feed. All your email solutions have RSS subscriptions (Outlook, Thunderbird, Google, Yahoo).

This is a complete list of programs that read RSS feed. I am pretty sure you use at least one of these programs / services. Here‘s Microsoft Take on RSS feeds and here‘s how to do it in Thunderbird.

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