Road Trip to Sibiu

In April 2008 I made a road trip to Sibiu, the European Cultural Capital for 2007.
I have been to Sibiu numerous times, and each time I go, I find it even nicer.
Everyone who wants to visit Romania should go to Sibiu at least once. It’s a small but very alive city geographically located in Transylvania, which means the people are very kind, warm and slow calm.

Sibiu is home to incredible photo locations:

Mountain Desertscape
Mountain Desertscape

On this trip however, the focus was on Churches. The road between Bucharest and Sibiu is filled with ‘Church / Monument’ indicators. We decided to visit at least 80% of all churches we find on the road.

Here is the complete gallery.

I could not resist showing you one more picture to convince you to visit the gallery:

Impressive Cathedral
Impressive Cathedral

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