Told you I had an obsession shooting candles at Churches and Monasteries:

In Memoriam

Romanians do keep the tradition of lighting candles separated in ‘for the dead’ and ‘for the living’.

This is a way for Monasteries to make some money since they are manufacturing the candles, but mostly a good opportunity for people to act / feel concerned about their closest ones: when you light a candle you say in your head the name of the person(s) whom you light the candles for. In the case of the dead, it’s in their memory.

4 thoughts on “Candles

  1. It looks good but I think you overprocessed it… it’s very sharp and has tons of contrast, the light around the candles looks like it was drawn using a ruler, I don’t believe that light has sharp edges like that… because of the contrast you also lost some grey tones… The bottom of the the photo also has a lot of sharp details, they look amazing actually but it doesn’t serve the picture any justice since it’s distracting the attention from the lights…

  2. I went for ‘just’ black and white, I intentionally lost the grays 🙂
    The sharp edges of the light are obtained just from the levels and B&W settings, no selection, no burning, or anything.
    One could say that ‘that is the ESSENCE of light’ 🙂

  3. Ok. Let’s make it clear: you never shoot candles in B&W. Why?
    We all know that photography is(besides art, besides the art of recording pictures, besides the ability of getting the right exposure, the right composition and the perfect lighting conditions) just a way of sending a message.
    Shooting this type of candles could suggest a lot of things, like sadness, loneliness, life, DEATH, etc, but i think they all have something common: LIGHT! Candles create light! Candle light should always be warm.
    This photo makes me feel cold. Looking at a postcard of a candle in a cold day will always give you that feeling of warm you need. No matter you shoot a candle on a grave it should always be warm.
    But this is my opinion, I’m no professional photographer or artist(yet), but I guess that being a good photographer means being able to share with the others your ideas and your feelings.
    I don’t agree with shooting a burst of 15-20 photos, choosing the right one, adjusting them in Photoshop, maybe converting it to B&W(hmm…maybe it will look nicer this way:D) and asking my self afterwards: Why did I shoot this photo? Mmm…don’t remember. 😐
    Like I said, consider this a thought that came from nowhere!
    I wish you all best!

  4. I never get upset from constructive criticism, in fact that is why I allow comments and why I show my work, to get feedback :-).

    However I do not agree with your point of view. I think that color can sometimes ‘steal the show’, that is distract the viewer. In those cases B&W ‘essentializes’. The original picture was all black and yellow and I just made the yellow into white. It’s not like there were all the colors of the world and I compressed them all into just 2 🙂

    Mind you these are not red candles among Easter eggs or winter chocolates, these are candles that people light in the memory of their beloved dead… It’s not a candle supposed to make you warm and cosy but thoughtful. and etc.

    I know exactly why I shot this photo, and I have described the reasons: I am obsessed with this shot… Each time I try a different composition.

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