Fascinating Romania

Great news! I managed to graduate a LifeLongLearning course on Project Management. Now I have a ‘Certificate of Project Manager’ that allows me to occupy this exact position according to the Romanian classification of occupations. BLEAH, what a wooden language…. (scroll down to 241919!)

Now I have some time to relax, finish the overdue post about the rupestrian church at Cetatuia, and go see Burn After Reading. But, I also have time to share with you a few snapshots I made with the mobile phone, that are illustrative of the title.


How Romantic !"Angela would you be my girlfriend?"

I saw this car in the Opera parking, where all students of the Law Faculty park their cars. The writing was done  with whipped cream, so maybe the author was trying to add an extra layer of depth to his declaration…The whipped cream was also a good practical idea because it’s non destructive. However, some two hours later the windshield looked like the owner did not have windshield liquid in the tank 🙂


Life is easy with Zanussi
Life is easy with Zanussi

I swear to you this picture is TAKEN not MADE: The add says ‘Life is easier with Zanussi. on your mark, get set, start to the closest shop’. The woman is in a block start position.  However, the sun was at the perfect angle when I passed by to have night lights’ shadow look like a dog collar around the woman’s neck and make her look submitted, enslaved 🙂


What the Hell happened here?

I found this on an alley near work, under a tree. However I cannot understand how it happened: it looks like the bird fell off the tree :-O or like it ingested a grenade… Or maybe a car ran it over at 5kmph (it’s a pedestrian alley that leads to abuilding entrance).

One thought on “Fascinating Romania

  1. Sa iti explic. Biata cioara a murit din cauze necunoscute mie. Dar vreme de mai multe zile s-a descompus linistita in zona verde din dreapta aleii (sensul de mers spre Centru). Chiar ma miram ca nu a observat-o nimeni :)) Si probabil un caine a mutat-o un pic mai la stanga…

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