Weekend Lifestyle

Cool things to report after this weekend:

1) The Nouvelle Vague concert in Bucharest was quite good, they managed to raise the public, get us dancing, and get 2 encores.


On the downside, the concert was relatively poorly organized: the tickets were for 20:00 but they only started singing around 20:45, and at 21:00 there were still people coming in the venue, after queuing for water forever…

Also, the group made one incredible mistake in ‘working the audinece’: after approximately half of the show they asked everybody to get up from their seats, come closer to the scene and dance and sing together to the tune of ‘Too Drunk to Fuck’. All OK until now, but when they finished (with a BANG) – they said “it’s ok, you can now sit back donwn’ (WHAAATTT??)

One more thing: at this concert I was invisible: I saw at least 3 persons I knew, and none has seen me!

2) I think we have established a record: on Sunday evening we went to see the latest Bond movie in a combined group of 18 persons! The logistics for that are incredible 😉


About the movie: I think the new approach on Bond makes it much better than the old ones, closer to an actual movie, instead of just a collection of explosions and product placements. Daniel Craig is a good 007 afterall!

3) I changed my tires – put on the winter ones. If you did not, you should  – it’s not getting any warmer from now on, and winter tires really matter. (it’s useless if you have the most advanced engine and traction system and they are not connected to the road – TIRES DO JUST THAT – CONNECT YOUR CAR TO THE ROAD!)

3 minutes after finishing this article, I found a nice post of somebody’s experience on the topic of winter tires (lack thereof):

a) GET 4 of them

b) if you just have 2, put them on the lightest part o your car (yes, that means on the rear axle even if you have front wheel drive)

There are new posts with photos coming up: I’ll finish the Apuseni series with a few pictures from Cetatile Ponorului, and then move to another part of Romania – Horezu, Arnota, Bistrita, Baia de Fier, Polovragi, Pestera Muierilor. I am also preparing a longer post entitled “Too bad it’s inhabited”, so I think there are plenty of reasons to :

a) check back frequently or

b) ask to get email updates or

c) use the RSS feed.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Lifestyle

  1. “a combined group of 18 persons” wow, were you all seated next to each other? That must of been fun.
    And about the concert, yeah it was fun, especially the part when the leading voice started dancing on a guys shoulders.

  2. Nooo, I thought it would have been ugly to get en entire row because:
    a) some persons would have been seated to the end of the row (bad seats) – why would one bother calling in advance if they got seats like 1-4 ? 🙂
    b) it would be impossible to talk to most of the people (think one is seated on 1 left and the other one on 3 right)

    So we had seats in front of each other on three rows!

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