5 thoughts on “Beauty has a face

  1. Waaaaay too much post processing.
    I think the eyelash&brows are too dark and don’t seem to match the overexposed face and the gray hair.
    You have also overburned the eye contour so great amount of detail was lost.
    The eyes are maybe the most difficult part in portrait retouching.
    Keep trying, this technique requires a lot of practicing in order to do it right 🙂

    Nice shot though 🙂 Sharp focus on eye level and soft skin 🙂

  2. I disagree about the eyelashes and eyebrows: the model did indeed have the eyebrows colored differently from the hair, as in, she did not have BLACK hair. Few people do. Whereas almost everybody has (even a lot of blondes) do have black eyebrows:-)

    The eyelashes are not my doing, it’s called mascara 🙂

  3. Beautiful is not what’s beautiful, instead what I / you like … or the old famous “the eye of the beholder”.
    All in all, that is really nice. Both the subject and the capture.
    And the cut of the pic is … interesting.
    thumb up.

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