Fascinating Romania

I have a hunch this is going to be a LONG series.

Here is the new trend in driver stupidity in Bucharest:

Fast Tram line 41, 25th November 2008
Fast Tram line 41, November 25th 2008

I also shot a video of a guy with the same problem last night (December 2nd 2008) in the Marasesti undergorund passage.

If we are on the subject, I think we need to show this license plate:

In English this plate reads "CNT"

I will finish off by showing you that there is hope afterall:

There is hope afterall!
There is hope afterall!

All cars are parked ALONG the bicycle track, and NOT ON it! Cool!

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6 thoughts on “Fascinating Romania

  1. Hi, it’s right in front of the INSSE – National Statistics Institute.
    I had to go there for some two weeks for a Project Management course, and the situation was similar most of the days :-O

  2. I do not think this is an awesome pic…it is just a lucky one…(i mean the last pic) Why ? Well, this is unique in Bucharest and i really think it was just good luck …even the other “most of the days “! The parking was made by the first driver and the others right behind him! It is just a simple instinct parking behind the first ! And now it depends about the well positioning of the first driver…maybe he is a CIVIL maybe it was parked a motorcylce on the bikes track !Another Bucharest “owner” ! Nice pics –

  3. As the guy above mentioned (although with better spelling :> ) – it’s the only pace in Bucharest where I saw that – and I’ve biked on most, if not all, of the civilized areas (i.e. the areas where you can hope to make it out of with your bike and clothes).
    I think that thing happens for one of these two reasons, none of which is related to an alleged civility trait of the driver :

    1. the police is much more active in the area, fining and towing cars, because – besides being in front of that institute – it’s also in front of the parliament building.
    2. the parking situation is relaxed, the ratio of cars to parking places being <1 🙂

    There is hope however that the joke that the “on-sidewalk” bike tracks will end soon as seen here :


  4. That link is in romanian, just realized it now – for the non-romanian viewers: it’s a well thought-out plan to implement various types of bike tracks in bucharest and also create a legal system for using them.


  5. Due to not being a biker myself, I can not argue with the fact that this is the only place to see such a behavior. I can believe that, now that I have 2 sources :-).
    However, I just can not agree with the reasons have anything to do with enforcing or with a better supply of parking places.
    For one, it’s impossible to get a towing car on the sidewalk, so cars could not be removed from that area.
    Secondly, I am not sure that address is in one of the sectors that do have car towing services.
    Thirdly, please go there as a driver and see if there are plenty of parking places 🙂
    Lastly, I have now 2 examples of the police not doing anything in the case of cars parked badly, because they just have no tools. (Yes, they are tools 😛 )
    I will post today another video to demonstrate this.

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