Calugareni Offroad Day

Saturday January 10th, 2009, the swampy fields, forest and snowy hills near Calugareni, Romania hosted a 4×4 gathering comprising of some 35 cars and their crews,  kids, moto-parachutes and some dogs. Everything was planned here (Romanian Language). Some say it was a light offroad day, some say it was just light drinking. Here are some pictures from the event. There are a few more to come. I apologize for doubling some photos but it was the quickest way I could post them on several sites. There are three sizes of files: HD (1920×1080), web (800x something) and ‘regular’ – 1200 x something). Every photo can be used for non commercial purposes (that means that if someone uses it as a wallpaper I’d be glad 😛 )


5 thoughts on “Calugareni Offroad Day

  1. Yes watcheroman, “That’s what friends are for”
    And yes, these are “radical” people!
    Love it!

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