More Winter Photos

I am not a big fan of winter, mainly because it’s cold. I am prepared technologically (clothes, shoes, tires, 4×4, ropes, cables, etc), but I find myself harboring a constant desire for the summer to come. However, since I am not a bear, I cannot hibernate. This means that I still have to work.

Last weekend, work took me to the mountains in the Prahova Valley Region (Also called “Philadelphia” because of the “PH” in the registration plates). In the past few years, I have done my best to avoid this area of Romania, because it’s the most known and visited area in term of mountain resorts. This means  expensive, overrated, crowded and with bad services. Not to mention the fact that one needs to drive on the deadliest road in Romania in order to reach the area. It’s so deadly because of the high number of cars traveling each day, which means a high number of “buffaloes”.

That being said, there are enough things to see in the area that you should visit at least once. But, enough with the chit-chat, here are some photos from this weekend:

Lonely Tree - winter version
Lonely Tree - winter version

And this is what “far far away looks like to me”. Not a “kingdom” but everyman is king in his own house 😉

Far, far away
Far, far away

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