Outdoor weekend

I just could not brnig myself to name this post anything with ‘offroad’. Last weekend I took a trip to Paraul Rece, for a meeting. With a little help from some forum colleagues (thank you!)  I took two pleasurable trips  in the area:

  • from Paraul Rece to Diham and then to Poiana Izvoarelor (first 5 pictures) – funny, interesting, easy with just one difficult part: a steep and closed turn covered in deep snow. I had to find an alternative path (quite steep and verry narrow, with nothing to the right)
  • from Sinaia to Piatra Arsa (next 4 pictures) – the scenery has imprinted itwself in our minds – there were literally acres of crocuses and no noises, just the wind and the greatness of The Mountain…


As you may have noticed, there are more than just 9 pictures posted 🙂 Yes !!  I did do some real offroading: Saturday evening I just entered into the forest, trying to see how far I would reach. It was soliciting but rewarding because:

  • there was just one car (broken rule #1)
  • there was just me in the car (broken adagio to rule#1)
  • I had no idea about the track, conditions, etc.
  • I made it up – not far away, but after some struggle (moving dead trees, winching, and trying to find a place where the trees were wide enough so that I could exit the forest! )

I also tried to go to Poiana Izvoarelor on Saturday evening but I got a wrong track so I got stuck and had to return, but that gave me some adrenalin too:

  • lateral inclination
  • very narrow path – that’s why I had to stop – at a point it became to narrow for the Y61
  • getting dark

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