Monahal Solitude

I kept thinking at this picture I took at Ciolanu Monastery. It seemed to me that the essence was strong enough to warrant a good B&W photo. What do you think?

Monahal Solitude
Monahal Solitude

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2 thoughts on “Monahal Solitude

  1. I’m ok with the B&W, but I would’ve had it darker rather than lighter and a higher contrast. Then again that’s what I always do, so maybe it’s just me and my dark view of the world 😀
    I saw the color version and it has some beautiful colors, but I think black and white works better. Good stuff!

    PS: Careful with the compression though, the clouds look bad:)

  2. Yup, I did have to decide about the clouds, and I convinced myself that the dark sky would be of greater impact than the pixelization 🙂
    Of course, other photographers tend to observe the ‘glitches’ 😛

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