Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

I am sure that everybody already knows about the City of Arts and Science in Valencia, and there have been numerous depictions of it over the time. However, I feel I did take good enough photos to show them. I just can’t decide over color vs black and white:

Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias
Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias


Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias
Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias

Bonus picture:

Orientation @ CAC
Orientation @ CAC

5 thoughts on “Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

    1. even though black&white is more “flavored’ than a regular color one, this time i would vote for “blues”!

  1. Yes, other viewers (on the forums) have also voted for the color version.
    This makes me think of two options:
    A) I made a crappy B&W conversion
    B) the color is so good that it is essential to the picture…

    Regarding night shots:
    I did see a few and most are spectacular.
    However I did not carry a tripod and am not a big fan of it.
    So, it wouls have very difficult to take a good one 😦

    1. I know, tripods can get in your way some times… you cannot have a walk throughout a beautiful city and carry around a tripod that’s incomfortable.
      as for the colours, I also like the ‘blue’ one because the effect is higher when there are colours reflecting in water. but don’t worry, your b-w is not bad, it’s just not appropriate for the place. or… you can add some contrast, and some exposure effects on the bw one, and you’ll see it can get spectacular too 😀

  2. I voted for the color version! Beautiful.

    Is it possible to have your e-mail address to ask some information? It could be useful for our company.
    Thank you.

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