Looking for girlfriends

Two youngsters pose as beggars, asking for girlfriends, in front of the Central Trainstation in Valencia, Spain:

Buscamos Novias
Buscamos Novias

9 thoughts on “Looking for girlfriends

  1. two weirdos and one Spanish fashion label…
    some old architecture and some trees in a mirror window…
    nada mรกs…

  2. I beg to differ! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Street photography – what one encounters on the streets that is out of the ordinary.
    Two young males sitting in a beggars position, on a beggars corner, with a beggars attitude, but looking for girlfriends instead of work or pity.
    I really think this is something one does not encounter that often…

  3. Very good photo, one of the best on this blog! It is the attitude that makes all the difference in this photo, you can actually see it! And the ideea that lacking a girlfriend is such a pittyfull state that one could actually beg for a woman’s compassion and understanding in taking one out is so Spanish… They are so forthcoming! The ideea is great and so is the photo for taking notice. People are so much more interesting than buildings and squares…

  4. Thank you for the support!
    I do have to admit that I find shooting people more difficult, especially unknown persons on the street. Maybe it’s just my ugly mug, maybe I don’t know how to be inconspicuous…
    It did happen to me to have to literally run away from an angry beggar in Lisbon…

  5. Why do you have to be inconspicuous? Can’t you state your intention to take a photo? If someone does not want to be shot (!) so be it (some cultures still believe that whoever is taking your picture is actually stealing your soul). You shoot it in your mind (I bet you won’t forget that angry beggar soon, that is a living picture)

    However, you have to admitt that shooting people is by far more fascinating, their range of expression is so much wider! Of course it is difficult, anything worthy of an effort should be so, but also more rewarding.

    Anyway, I loved this photo. Made me remember Carlos Saura.

  6. Oooohh, I won’t forget the angry beggar ever, but not because of his anger….
    The reason I wanted to take his picture was because he had a very ugly condition, and his face literally looked like Davey Jones’. I could not tell looking at him where the eyes or nose were…

    As for stating your intention in advance of shooting the picture, than you will not get the picture you say, the one you were aiming for.
    I tend to want to shoot people doing something out of the ordinary. If I caution them I generally get a pose ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. If you could take the beggar’s picture would you have posted it on the blog? I did not see any “ugly” pictures here so I wonder if it would fit.

    As for the pose, you have one right in this foto. What would be any different?

  8. These guys were already ‘posing’ before I came there.
    They were of course out for fun, so they wanted to draw attention, and getting their picture while they were aware did not lose any of the strength of what they were doing. That’s how I saw it…

    On the other hand, if you catch a mother taking care of her son, they will not pose for you like that, or if you see two girls having an argument and making some face, they will not stop in that moment of the conversation for you to get your shot. Their pose will be ‘different’ from what you wanted to capture…

    Thank you for stating that you did not find any ugly pictures here..
    I’ll take that as a compliment ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. True, you are right, by posing they spoil the effect. You should shoot them without notice.

    I meant that you did not shoot anything “unfriendly”, you did not portray any human features that are not necessary positive. Your photos relfect “happy thoughts”, not human features that may be considered ugly or even dramatic (pain, loss, envy, vanity – well, there is one but it is not representative etc.). The landscapes, however, are beautiful. You can still take it as a compliment though, i like most of the photos, they are very honest.

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