Valencia – Centre Ciudad

Colorful buildings shot in the center of Valencia, Spain:

Colorful Trainstation
Estacion del Norte in crazy colors
HUGE pano
HUGE pano (140cm @300dpi)
Colorful Cityscape
Plaza del Ajuntamento on a beautiful day

I think that this post concludes the Valencia series. I feel I should thank the city of Valencia for giving me so many photo-opportunities. I have realized this only very late afterwards, when I counted the photos I published. When actually IN Valencia, I did not enjoy it that much..

I have also put up a page with all the photos from this trip together.  You can find it HERE . If you do like these photos, be sure to use the RSS feed or EMAIL method to be certain you do not miss out on any masterpiece I produce 😛

2 thoughts on “Valencia – Centre Ciudad

  1. the sky in the ajuntamento photo is absolutely amazing…
    i still have a problem with the wide view… the building should sit straight…

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