The greatest Romanian accomplishment of the year

The same way as I believe that last humanity’s greatest accomplishment for the last century was Woodstock, I also believe that this is Romanians’ most enviable accomplishment for this year:

2 thoughts on “The greatest Romanian accomplishment of the year

  1. I do appreciate your enthusiasm and agree with the Woodstock part but this is not really a Romanian accomplishment…maybe a global one.. Dance tributes like this one were held all over the world before the one in Bucharest: Stockholm, Hollywood, Chicago, Sweden, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, New York, Greece, Bratislava, Montreal, China etc etc.
    One video in a Philippine prison is quite interesting, even if it was made before Michael Jackson’s death. Jail management and rehabilitation method..?

  2. Yes, I have to admit that I started checking things up only after receiving the video AND posting it (shame on me)…

    I guess I could change the title to something n the lines of ‘the coolest thing that happened in Romania this year’, but I’m not sure on how the RSS feeds will react…

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