Theirs and Ours

Our readers are smarter than theirs said the famous motto of Academia Catavencu. In my case I want to show two images caught on different sides of the Romanian-Hungarian border.  Had I shot them in Romania, I would have titled this “Eternally fascinating Romania, part…”.  Enough talking, here are the guys that made today’s draft:

It was literally IMPOSSIBLE to wake this guy up
It was literally IMPOSSIBLE to wake this guy up!

On the other hand, this guy in Budapest seems to think that old funcky looking Suzukis are very desirable among car thieves:

Just cant be to careful....
Just can't be to careful....

I feel the need to inform y’all that holidays are over, autumn is in full effect,  so I’m back in the business of publishing photos on the blog. Be careful not to miss any masterpiece! I suggest using the RSS feed or just ask feedburner to deliver you new posts by email

3 thoughts on “Theirs and Ours

  1. we are so fed up with ugly, terrible news, ‘stirile de la ora 5’ kind of television, tabloids with creepy invented stories about who the F… knows new star, and so on. i believe this kind of ‘fascinations’ are so outdated.
    the above applies also for the holiday pics.

    U better feed us with nice and beautiful sceneries, faces and instants. at least this is what i expect. i plead for refreshing our stressful days with nice, colorful images for our retina. like bolboci lake for example. that one is breathtaking!

  2. Thank you for the recommendation, albeit a very ‘acid’ one 🙂
    I really did think that the guy guarding the ‘car that’s worth less than your shirt’ with a state of the art, bullet proof, NASA-grade titanium anti theft device was quite funny.

    The following posts WILL contain beautiful pictures (well, as much as I can produce :-p )

  3. it’s your blog, and you post whatever you feel like sharing with your readers/viewers, expressing your disapproval or admiration, sarcasm or optimism; or simply just what you see out there. if i were you, i would go for a deeper selection cause it’s a lot of crap and ugly things we would not like to capture, but ignore.

    i am not entitled to criticize; it was just a humble suggestion from somebody who admires (only) your photographic work.

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