Mountain Top Cross at Romani

Romani does not exist yet. Romani is just a plan for the moment. Romani is a mountain ‘resort’ that is currently being built in the Capatanii Mountains. What you can find there though is some breathtaking scenery. I will just show this picture of a stone cross, that you can find just in front of the Romani cabin:

B&W Cross near the Romani Peak
B&W Cross near the Romani Peak

I still have tens of photos from this trip, so be sure to check back the following days for more pictures of this truly beautiful area. Easier yet, use the RSS feed or just ask feedburner to deliver you new posts by emailā€¦

5 thoughts on “Mountain Top Cross at Romani

  1. This is indeed artistic. Since you posted it in black and white, I guess you think the same… This is just right for the cover of Wuthering Heights. Any ideea how the cross got there?

  2. Nice catch on my opinion of the photo!! šŸ™‚
    As for how the cross got there, I do have several theories but since I was not able to see any traces of it having little feet ( šŸ™‚ ) I have to assume that the owners (or the builders) of the Romani cabin are (were) religious persons.

    Now that you have mentioned it, I do remember seeing a similar approach in in the neighboring mountains.

    If you visit my Transalpina post from last year, you’ll see a cross that was also placed near a drinkable water point

  3. Hey watcherromano! I just found your blog and love the black & white of the cross! I was wondering if you ever sell the rights to your pics? If you’re interested in discussing the option, please feel free to email me.
    Great work,

      1. I am sorry for the delay in response! I just checked back and saw that you replied – – thanks. We are have an online tee shirt company and would use the photo as a background pic. Let me know if you’re open to that. It’s a great pic – good job.

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