Ialomicioara Cave – Pestera Ialomicioara

I just could not believe I did visit caves in the completely opposite side of the country and did not even know about this HUGE cave that is so close to Sinaia (and Bucharest for that matter). It has to be one of the largest caves in Romania, and it is easily visitable. There are numerous stairs and lights, crossroads, climbs, descends, at least one underground river, some small ponds, the works…

At the very entrance to the cave, there is a small monastery.  The first “room”  is right behind the church, and the adventure does not stop for quite a time. It does stop abruptly when one reaches “the altar” though. Here’re some pics to give you an idea why you should take the time to visit the area:

If I’ve got you intereted and you’d lke to go visit, it’s simple: you have to access the Bolboci, Padina area near Sinaia. The better road climbs near the sanatory in Moroeni, Dambovita. For those of you that are more adventurous (and have real 4x4s) , you could take the climb from Cuibul Dorului near Sinaia to get in the area. The GPS coordinates for the cave are ~ 45,23,35 N / 25,26,14 E (orientative values to help you identify it in Google Earth / Ozi Epxlorer or any other gps mapping program you may be using).

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