Another Inspirational Video – Overcoming amputations !

Ballet is a beautiful expressive art, and ballet dancers are gracious and have enviable bodies, right? Here is a video showing another incredible inspirational story about never backing down, never quitting,  and overcoming the most difficult moments in life, to achieve the unthinkable:

The entire story is listed in a number of places on the internet, I am not sure who to credit…

In case you missed the recent example of inspirational person, I’ll just take the liberty of pointing it out,  to be certain that you do not miss such an incredible story.

One thought on “Another Inspirational Video – Overcoming amputations !

  1. I, being an arm amputee myself, am so happy and so proud that you posted this.

    Amputees can do ANYTHING the regular full-able bodied person can. We just do it differently.

    Check out my blog!

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