Pahomie Hermitage – Schitul Pahomie

I will not rant about this monahal retreat in the Buila Vanturarita mountains. I will only point you to it’s official site to get more info, and I will show you a few pics I shot in the area:

The face of Jesus
The face of Jesus
Jesus and the Candles
Jesus and the Candles

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure this is the shot you’ve been waiting for for some time now, so with no further ado, by popular request:

Return of the infamous shot
Return of the infamous shot

In this area of retreat, one tree stood very different :

Yellow Willow
Yellow Willow

Yes, it’s a willow in the mountains, at 1500 meters altitude (!).

I strongly suggest you visit this quiet lonely place. As well as the whole Valcea county, which has hidden churches gallore. If you want to go to Pahomie in the autumn you will need a 4×4, as the road is muddy and becomes very bad because of  tree cutters (big trucks) :

Also, keep in mind that pictures are coming from all over the world, covering travel sights and offroad adventures, so be sure not to miss any posts (use the  RSS or email)


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