Luana…mon amour – printemps 2010

The infamous doctor Semaca has once again been so magnanimous as to invite me at Luana Offroad Fest, Spring Edition, 2010. This is a small insight into what happened there in the weekend of April 16th to 18th:

If you like these photos, or the subject of offroad, stay tuned (RSS or email), because it’s one of the main areas of interest on this blog 🙂

PS: here are last years’ Luana photos.

2 thoughts on “Luana…mon amour – printemps 2010

  1. Bulls-eye Wathcer! Very nice pics.
    It seems that Luana has evolved into something way beyond my imagination, remembering the beginnings in 2007. Great team has been forged and is doin’ tremendous job. The snowball is still rolling and gets bigger and bigger with each encounter and this is good. It depends on you all to keep the spirit alive. Go Luana!!

    1. Thank you for the positive remark on the photos 🙂
      I think you must feel somehow proud of the current magnitude of the snowball…
      In this respect, I have to tell you that the number of participants is limited by the lodging opportunity. Were it a bigger cabin, Luana would easily gather double this edition’s participants 🙂

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