Flower Portraits

Damn it’s difficult to shoot macro photography 🙂 !

Flower, Macro, 1
Flower, Macro, 2
Flower, Macro, 3

I promise I will try again, so check back regularly 😉

5 thoughts on “Flower Portraits

  1. Did you try using a second lens, reversed, in front of the camera? It’s even harder to get it right, but it makes for some awesome results once you do.

    I do like the first one though.

    1. Thank you !
      This is a very funny thing, and it comes to prove what ‘lack of artistic eye’ (on my part!) means 🙂 I thought that the first one was the least successful of the three 😀

      What kind of lens should one use? Having the fixe 50 on, I could still use a 10-22 or a 24-105 or a 70-300. WHich one would be more suitable?
      What’s the phenomenon ?

      1. Neah, it’s not about the eye, it’s just that you’re subjective about your own photos. Two of my most “appreciated” photos, I nearly tossed away at first and others that I adored, no one liked at all 🙂

        The 50 prime on the camera and I would try with 24-105.

        10-22 would be interesting, I got no idea if anything would come out of that, but it would make for a fun experiment. Careful not to scratch it though, you can’t use a filter so I wouldn’t play around with an expensive lens like that, but then again I’m clumsy.

        Here’s a good tutorial on what I was talking about and it also explains what’s going on: http://stephenelliot.com/2007/05/15/reverse-lens-macro-photography-tutorial/

        And here’s a pic a friend took using this technique (it was the first time I heard of this and I said it was the dumbest thing I ever heard… he proved me wrong the next day 🙂 ):

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