Targu Mures stage – movies

As you probably already know, I did participate in the second stage of the National Offroad Championship, held near Targu Mures, in Campu Cetatii. Unfortunately the car broke down again, this time more costly. I was very happy I was not the pilot 😀

Here are some movies I was able to shoot, especially during the Special Stages and the Trial:

How to do a special stage with no servo and a BIG car:

Sorin Parvulescu in the Extreme Special Stage:

Andrei Oprea climbs a tree  🙂

elegantly courses through a ditch:

and finally kills it:

Stefan Grigorescu:

Open Special Stage:

Fiko / Miko, trial, mechanical winch

Craiu, same ascent:

Parvulescu in the Trial

Catalin Olaru with the one and only Semaca:

Copacinschi fights the mud

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2 thoughts on “Targu Mures stage – movies

  1. are dreptate si repo! orice ecphia normala isi construieste bugetul si pe incasarile din belete si abonamente care ar trebui sa fie o sursa de venituri pentru club si nu o modalitate de a fi generos cu cei care nu apreciaza fotbalul. Sa-ti bati joc de abonati nu e o strategie de marketing tocmai reusita si se puteau gasi alte solutii in atragerea suporterilor la meciuri ( ex. integrarea palmaresului ASA intr-o ecphia a tuturor muresenilor) Si sa nu uitam ca la o medie de aproximativ 5000 de spectatori suntem peste echipe mai titrate ( Dinamo, Rapid , Brasov , Vaslui) iar ca si grad de ocupare a stadionului suntem pe podium important e sa avem oameni dispusi sa-si achite biletu’ , nu invitati

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