Romanian Anti-Theft System

Just like the Credis Academy, Last week I had a  Holiday to Remember. I will prove it in the following posts, all tagged just like that. The absolute emotional peak happened in the last night there (Hunedoara, Cincis to be more exact), when we discovered that Mihai had lost the keys to the Audi. We were fortunate enough to find a train that was leaving Bucharest one hour later, find somebody that had not drunk and was able to drive to the North Station and send us the spare key via train. All things just came into place, as if Fate was compensating for our carelessness.

Being proactive to the theory that the key had not been lost, but stolen, we decided to make the car difficult to take away: we winched it near the trees, parked the LandCruiser just in front of it, and took out two of the four wheels and carried them to our rooms 🙂

DIY anti-theft
DIY anti-theft
DIY anti-theft
DIY anti-theft

Of course, we had to borrow the chef’s tools for the job, because the wheel-bolt key and the jack of the LandCruiser were both too big to use on the Audi 🙂

On the other hand, I have seen some wonderful places in this trip, so stay tuned (via RSS or email ) !

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