Constanta Landmarks – the Casino

I have just returned from an electrifying seaside holiday. I chose the Romanian seaside and our friend Dima was the person to help with this. Thank you again!  It’s gonna be impossible to forget this holiday 😉

Romanians generally go to the seaside for the beach and night life. I did enjoy that also (and got some tan along with it) BUT I thought that if in a foregin country, I would have visited a lot. So I decided to also go and visit Constanta and it’s surroundings. I did reach Histria, Gura Portitei, Traian’s Tropy at Adamclisi, St. Andrew Monastery and the very special Dervent Monastery, so stay tuned for the following posts (via RSS or email ).

Until then however, let’s focus on today’s post: one of the most famous landmarks of Constanta is the seafront Casino. It was built in 1909 and still looks great. Here is some more info about it, but if you search Google for pictures, you will find that they are not doing it justice, so I felt I needed to have a take at this:

Constanta Casino, side view
Constanta Casino, side view
Constanta Casino, full frontal view
Constanta Casino, full frontal view

6 thoughts on “Constanta Landmarks – the Casino

  1. Great blog. You have just whetted my desire to visit Romania. Looks like a wonderful travel destination. I have posted one of your images with a link to your blog. If there is any problem and you’d like me to remove the image and the link, just ask. Cheers!

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