Osaka Skyline by Night

As I have mentioned last week, I attended the JCI World Congress in Osaka, Japan. Beyond the great conference, I was also able to get some nice photos. Looking down from the rooftop observatory of the Umeda Sky Building, I had a feeling I was in Gotham City. I’ll let the photos do the talking for me:

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5 thoughts on “Osaka Skyline by Night

  1. shit, now i feel small …. acum inteleg de ce sunt unii pe lume care ii dau zor cu connected community si energy efficiency : ))

  2. Ehh man… vezi de ce se potriveste proverbul “omul sfinteste locul”
    Foarte tare. Felicitari!
    PS: pe ultima de ce ai alunecat-o in dreapta?!

    1. Thanks for the positive comment 🙂
      Good question ! I have no idea. Probably because of late night editing 😀

  3. 引越し業者に依頼した時にびっくりしたことは、荷物を積むのに使う時間が非常に、短時間であるということでした。段取りのみならず、二人で作業すると全然違いました。


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