Chiojdu Offroad Fun

Saturday January 15th was this year’s first offroad trip for us, which is 9 days earlier start than last year. This year the weather was not so good for photos, but more appropriate for a day of hard work in the field:

Mind you, the small gap where it looks like we are winching on straight road, was continued with a 100 meters very steep fall…

I also made two movies during the day:

A bit of ballet:

and one showing the actual weather conditions (as well as the power of front and rear lockers):

Also, our good friend Razvanutza has some very nice videos from this trip. I’ll only show two of them, starring us, and leave you watch the others on his channel:

Unfortunately, the weather was bad enough and the day was short enough that we had to abandon the set course and had to return. Others have completed the whole track in november. We started in the opposite direction from them, but were only able to go this far.

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3 thoughts on “Chiojdu Offroad Fun

    1. Only 1 kilometer was ‘real’ offroad. The other parts were done on forrest roads, rivers, etc, “softroading” 😀

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