As I was saying last week, I spent NYE10-11 in Athens. So I have to publish some photos from the Akropolis, right? It was a very interesting day, light-wise, so do not be surprised by the very different tonalities :

This is a panoramic shot caught going up the Akropolis hill. On the top right corner one can see Lykabettus Hill:


Panoramic view from the Akropolis
Panoramic view from the Akropolis. Top right - Lykabettus Hill

This is a joke just for Romanians: they placed the “I” the wrong way up 🙂


They misplaced the I in "doghnuts"
Only for Romanians: They misplaced the I in "doghnuts"

Once up we were approached (and hustled) by a guide. We tried to negotiate for some time but in the end agreed to pay her fee. It was one of the very few things worth the money 🙂 . Very interestingly, I have for the first time seen a good use of the technology that makes possible to look at one sheet of paper in an angle and see one picture and then tilt it and see another picture. It was used to show how things used to look as opposed to how they look now. I think it is the only time I saw something interesting done with this technology !

Great use for technology
Great use for  technology

The first thing that one sees when visiting the Akropolis is the Amphiteater:


Akropolis amphitheater
Akropolis amphitheater

The old Museum entrance was a good opportunity for a HDR photo :

Old Akropolis Museum Entrance
Old Akropolis Museum Entrance (HDR)

And then the light was back to warm and mellow as I took this shot from the terrace of the New Museum :

Warm afternoon light, view from the New Museum terrace
Warm afternoon light, view from the New Museum terrace

I hope you already noticed, but most of the pictures are in HD, so feel free to use them as monitor wallpaper :).

This post belongs to the Greece series, shot in December 2010. I will post photos form this trip for several weeks, given that I encountered a big number of photo opportunities, so check back frequently, or, even better, have the RSS feed or email subscription get posts automatically delivered to you!

To help you decide, take a look at other beautiful places I shot colorful pictures of.

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