Bucovina Offroad Challenge 2011 (BORC)

Last weekend I was supposed to compete in the first stage of the National Offroad Championship. Unfortunately, in order to be able to start in the race, a team needs to present at the start line the following: 1 (one) pilot, 1 (one) copilot and 1(one) vehicle. In my case, when the start time came, I was 1 pilot and 1 car short 🙂

Therefore, I can only show photos like any other member of the press:

If you like offroad, this blog is a good resource of photos. Take a look around. Also, there is more to it, including travel photos from all around the world, not just Romanian muddy forests :). If you like what you see, make sure that you have the wonders of technology  ( RSS and  email ) deliver new posts directly to you the minute they become available!

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