Bulgaria 2013 – funny shots

my trip to Veliko Tarnovo in the autumn of 2013, I took several photos that just could not be included in the other posts since now, either because they would not match the ‘artistic vision’ (I know it’s a big concept for an accountant 🙂 ) of the post, or the laudative tone I was trying to convey.

However, I just could not resist posting these somehow. So here they are, in a separate post linked to the trip:

  •  first we have this magnificent castle that everyone is talking about when they say one should visit Veliko Tarnovo 🙂
Tsarevets Castle 🙂
  • where, I kid you not, one can find this particular warning sign, explaining the dangers of sitting on top of the walls, as well as dancing :))
Do not dance on the walls of the castle !
  •  I am not even going to say anything about this church:
Don’t get me started 🙂
  •  and let us close this post with a photo of the “Corporate Commercial Bank” in Veliko Tarnovo. I would like to stress that this photo is taken by me, hence it is NOT taken during World War 2, although I realize what you are thinking, since it crossed my mind too:
Corporate commercial bank my ass 🙂

If you would like to verify that these photos DO NOT reflect my opinion of Bulgaria, and are just a joke, please  check more photos from this trip.

Similarly, if you enjoy these photos as they were intended,  look around for street photography posts, or maybe more “Life Beats Film” photos.

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