Bowmore Street Photography

When visiting Bowmore during the 2014 Scotland Trip, it was a sunny day, almost incredibly beautiful given our preconceived opinion on British weather. That allowed for a few more photo opportunities outside the distilleries that make Islay famous.

Although the center of an island weather harshness made the peated whiskey appear like a good idea, when I visited, Bowmore was absolutely beautiful and made the visit to Islay look like a visit to a Mediterranean port:

bowmore - 011 - panorama of the city center
Bowmore city center 360 panorama
bowmore panorama hilltop
Bowmore hilltop panorama

And then the ultimate sign of a city by the sea:

bowmore - 010 - seagull in the center - color
Seagull in the center of the city
bowmore - 010 - seagull in the center - B&W
Seagull on a lighting post

There are several earlier posts from this trip here on, and I promise there are A LOT more posts from this trip coming up, so be sure to subscribe and have them automatically delivered when they are pressed ( by email or via RSS).

Until then, have a look around for more travel photos from around the world!

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