Culloden Battlefield

“Just near Inverness” (as maps go) lies one of the most important historical sites in Scotland: the Culloden Battlefield. This is the place where the last military conflict on Scottish grounds has taken place. There is a visitor center with recorded movie clips from the event and also a big 3D model: you go outside in the field and walk around to find clues around.

culloden 01
Culloden Battlefield Memorial Wall
culloden 03 tombstone
Funny Tombstones at Culloden Battlefield
culloden 04 tombstone
Tombstones at Culloden Battlefield – I have “mixed” feelings about how to describe this tombstone 🙂
culloden 02 traditional palace
Scottish architecture at Culloden Battlefield

I feel a need to clarify the the tone of the captions is not serious! I really loved Scotland, as you can easily see in other posts from this trip. There’s also a lot more content where this came from, so be sure to subscribe and have it automatically delivered (by email or via RSS) when it’s fresh of the press.

Until then, have a look around for more travel photos from around the world.

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