Who I Am


I am a young entrepreneur from Bucharest, Romania. Toghether with my brother I own an IT company that offers network solutions.

My background is in Finance and IT. I graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies and studied “Banks and StockExchanges” and then got a Masters Degree in Computer Networks from the University of Bucharest.

I have some 9 years experience in the financial management of EU projects.

My hobbies passions are:

I drive a Toyota Avensis and I dream of a LandCruiser or a G-Klasse.

My camera system consists of

9 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. I am interested in digital art in the sense that I admire the people who CAN make it.
    Unfortunately I have no talent / vision so it is above me by far.
    Photography is easier: work a lot (100 shots for each photo) and maybe I get something (there are some guidelines that help a lot, etc).
    But to compose everything from scratch – impossible.
    As you see my photos are documentary in style, not ‘creative’ or ‘artistic’ (as a proof, at this time I still have no photo published on 1x.com 😀 )

  2. Hello i´m Markus
    and i met your brother today and he gime the link from your homepage.
    I have to say, Congratulations to your great homepage, top!!!!!

    Maybe we will meet also soon, somewhere in the mountains and stocked in the mud.

    Will see
    Take care and have fun


  3. Hi Markus!
    I would love to introduce you to the 4×4 community here in Romania, everybody will be interested to see your work in progress (you know that I’m referring to your offroad car 🙂 ).
    Drop me an email on watcher@watcher.ro with some contact data or just visit forum.club4x4.ro to get in touch and follow the programmed activities (that assumes you can read Romanian)
    Generally there are outings every weekend…

  4. Awesome post, very good points. Just being here has improved my knowledge and I am looking forward to it as a very good information hub, I will say there are hundreds of posts to really take a look at. For instance this post and the replies. I must say that I got the most of the information from the replies here. Points were really talking about the experience here. I love to be the part of this forum and gain some good information. Thanks!

  5. Hello

    I have just discovered your excellent blogs and photographs about off-road driving in Romania. I visited Romania from England in June 2008 with some friends in 3 Land Rovers. We traversed the Transalpina before moving north of Brasov and driving a high forest route between Dărmăneşti and Piatra Neamţ. We were restricted in what we could achieve because of the poor quality of maps we were able to buy in the UK. We wasted a lot of time searching for routes and taking many wrong turns. I am thinking of returning next year and I wonder if you would be willing and able to advise me, please, about some more suitable routes. I was particularly interested in your description of the Strategica and other possibilities in the area of Muntii Căpăţânii west of Brezoi. I am very sorry to hear that the government has asphalted the Transalpina; it was a wonderful experience in 2008 and made the 2500km drive from the UK all worthwhile!. Does that mean it is a normal asphalt road now all the way from Sebeş to Novaci?

    If you are able to help, please would you let me have an email address, which would allow me to send you a more detailed description of my thoughts for another Romanian adventure.

    Kind regards, Nigel.

  6. Hello

    I´m recently working on my travel website which is dedicated to german customers who like to visit romania. I enjoyed very much to see your pictures and would like to use some of them on my own website http://www.travel-romania.de. Please tell me if you would be fine with the idea to see some of your worth seeing pictures on my website project. Of course you will get a backlink to your page.

    Christian (from Berlin, since 2007 in Bucharest)

  7. Jut want to say great use of English language. It is rare to read a Romanian that does not ‘sound’ Romanian in English, but you very often do not. I find a bit strange to see two Romanians in commentaries replying also in English – kinda of what I am also doing now, but I completely understand you.

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