NYC Picture Galleries

I have uploaded 2 picture galleries totaling 34 pictures took in Manhattan, separated in two themes:

  1. Alive

    La Passion
    La Passion (in the "Alive" Gallery)

  2. Stills
    Manhattan @ Night
    Manhattan @ Night (in the "Stills" Gallery)

I went to NYC in July 2008 on a longer business trip , but to be honest, everybody insisted that we also go to NYC.

It is an incredible city, it’s only the second time in my travels that I felt I could live in a city I was visiting. Everything felt just abiut right: potholes, smell, crowds, traffic, well-dressed people on the street, hectic, German cars, great night life – it had just the mix that made me fell ‘at home’ 🙂

As I told my friend Markus, after visiting NYC I felt very motivated to win the lottery and move there.

Some of you may have seen this pictures before, but the point of a Travel Photography Blog is to gather all the travel pictures in one place 🙂

Remember: every time you see a picture, if you click on it, you will get a larger version! Click twice – twice as large 🙂

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