&COMP. concert!

As some of you may already know I went today to purchase tickets for 22nd November the Nouvelle Vagues concert at Sala Palatului in Bucharest, Romania.

I decided to go to the Sala Palatului ticket office, because I wanted to be able to choose my seats and the brilliant myticket reservation system would not let you choose your seat but would force you to the bad seats on each row.

As it turns out I was in for much bigger problems with the tellers:

There was a very helpful lady who even got up from her chair to look for the tickets I asked, only to return puzzled and tell me

– We only have 2 day passes.
– A 2 day pass for 1 show?

She made a long and fruitless phone call and, in despair, turned to a younger colleague that seemed to be more accustomed with the Devil’s Work (The Damn Internet). She went to the big screen, clicked around and confirmed that there were two shows: one on the 22nd and one on the 23rd. And that the headline was ‘Nouvelle Vagues and COMP’.

So she proceeded to tell me that the way she understood the whole situation with the passes and the COMP stuff was like this:

I get a 2 day pass which I use to see Nouvelle Vagues play on the 22nd and then see COMP play on the 23rd !!

I swear to you she told me the ‘COMP will play on the 23rd’. And she pronounced it like a name, she did not read ‘company’. You’d say the persons selling tickets at a concert venue would at least know what “& COMP” means…

In case you wonder, I chose to buy the tickets on-line…

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