The Performers

In my opinion this is my best picture so far:

The Performers
The Performers

It was taken in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor in February of 2008.

5 thoughts on “The Performers

  1. Well… It’s one of those pictures that’s supposed to mean something… But honestly I don’t see anything interesting in it… sure, I get the idea, the performers are not there, they are invisible, all you see is the furniture, the feeling of loneliness and all that stuff… but at the end of the day it’s a black and white photo about 2 chairs and a guitar case with harsh shadows.
    Maybe it’s because I don’t like pictures that try to send a message, a famous painter said that those who want to send a message should go to the post office and I must agree with him, if you manage to send a message or a feeling trough a GREAT PHOTO it’s perfect, you add artistic value to an already great photo, but if you have a message embedded in a pour photo… than it’s just a pour photo with a message in it.
    Of course this is my very personal point of view, I saw award wining photos far crappier than any photo I ever posted… but apparently they had an incredible message…

  2. Let me tell you the story of this photo:
    It was my last day in Madrid, I walked around a lot and I sat down for lunch on a terrace in Plaza Mayor.
    Two guys came, set ‘the stage’ up but instead of starting to perform, they walked away, completely out of sight.
    It was a bit funny, like they set everything up and expected the chairs to produce money.

    I think that if a photo makes you something (think, smile, laugh, frown, puke, get angry, ponder, etc) than it is a good photo.

    I think that as ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ so is ‘art’ and ‘the message’. For example, I see this photo in several ways:

    sometimes I see the irony, the expectations of just getting money without doing anything, bu t sometimes I see hopelessness and abandon.

    For example I look at this photo

  3. […] several ways:
    sometimes I look at it and see the solitude, the impersonality of the artist – the audience cares about the show and not the performer

    sometimes I see the irony of expecting to get money without even performing

    sometimes I see hopelessness and abandon

  4. I know the feeling, I feel like that about this photo: , FOR ME it means a lot, because I was there, I felt the raindrops, the cold, I had the feeling that we’re two idiots walking around with tripods on a rainy night… .
    I showed this photo to a lot of people, some liked the blue reflections in the water (incorrect white balance), some liked the pretty lights in the buildings, some didn’t liked it at all…
    That’s the reason why I never try to embed a message in my photos, I struggle to get a “wow” effect and that’s hard enough. Once you have the “wow effect” everybody can find his own messages in any picture.

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