Villach, Austria

Every autumn for the last 4 years I went to the Austrian city of Villach for the ICL conference. This year was no different.

I find Austria quite boring, and the small city of Villach takes boring to whole new level. With a population of roughly 60 000 and situated on the Drau river, Villach is an important traffic knot on the A2 highway southwards. And that’s all folks! Literally.

Life in Villach stops at 1830. And I mean everything. Buses too. Restaurants too. You can find (3 or 4?!?) restaurants that are open until 2300 if you try hard.

On the other hand, there are some nice views in and around the city:

Villach - Walkway over the river Drau
Pedestrian walkway over the river Drau

here’s one from the City Center around 21:00:

Villach by Night
Villach by Night

OK, one more crazy panorama (156 cm @ 300 dpi) :

Pedestrian Walkway across the Drau River
Pedestrian Walkway across the Drau River

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