More Autumn Colors – Culorile Toamnei din nou

These pictures did not make the cut in the Cetatuia post – although they were taken there, they did not add to the story. However, I think they are publishable because they illustrate the “Beautiful Romania” category:

Autumn Colors @ Cetatuia
Autumn Colors @ Cetatuia
Autumn Colors @ Cetatuia
Autumn Colors @ Cetatuia

If you like these photos, you could also be interested in seeing some more Autumn Colors or to see more pictures from this trip. Also, this is a good reason to subscribe to the blog (via RSS or email) and to let all your friends know about it 😉

2 thoughts on “More Autumn Colors – Culorile Toamnei din nou

  1. I must admit that I(like many other) like autumn colors. Those mixes could probably beat spring’s vividness. But hey…it’s autumn! We are surrounded of red trees and yellow leaf-roads even in a concrete jungle city. What’s the point then?
    I’m not playing smart, I’m here to criticize you(again):
    Those two photos are flat. They’re not vivid, impressive, overwhelming…the composition is improper for this kind of shots and the message couldn’t be decrypted, not even by the best crackers. I also guess you’ve blended two exposures in order to get that blue sky(I can tell that by the highlighted branches-but I’m not sure, it can be the effect of sun rays).
    I also wanted to tell you that this kind of trees grow almost all over the world(in a temperate climate of course) and they don’t illustrate the beauty of our country.
    I suggest creating some hdrs or getting a better shot. I think you did better with autumn colors 1.

  2. To start with the easy parts: no, it’s just one exposure for each of these photos. Light as on my side, it was late afternoon, and the trees were on the top of a hill, so they were pretty lit and the sky not anymore.
    I agree with most of your critique, and admit these are not ‘masterpieces’ at all. However I do think that this show is impossible to take in our city – at least because the sky is grey and not blue.
    On the other hand, the places still were beautiful, and deserved to be showed, even if I was not able to get a NatGeo photo 🙂

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