Electric Fence

Electric Fence?
Electric Fence?

5 thoughts on “Electric Fence

  1. You ARE going to laugh, BUUT, this was taken IN FRONT of a church :-).
    It’s a small wooden church 15 minutes walk distance from Scarisoara Cave, which is the focus of the next long post.
    This was the church’s fence 🙂

  2. You (or your camera) are surprisingly religious… I’m begining to think that you have (or you could have) a very lucrative contrive contract with the Orthodox Church 🙂

  3. During my Transalpina trip I have surprised my trip mates with that too. I was a colleague of the girl in their couple for 12 years (school and highschool) and then broke the ties with university studies.
    When we drove together and stopped @different churches, etc, she asked me exactly this thing: “what’s happened to you?”

    To answer the point, I really do not like the church as an institution, I think priests rarely are ncice / smart / open people, with some exceptions, that I have not met 🙂

    I think the Church as an institution tries to profit from people’s faith or problems.

    On the other hand, in Romania, churches are a place to visit. If you look at the NYC photos, there are just 1 or 2 pictures with churches, there are a lot more things to see. If you go to Scarisoara, there is the cave, a lot of dirt, some wooden houses and a wooden church. I have photos of all of that 🙂 (COMING SOON 😛 )

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