Calugareni offroad revisited

Sunday March the 22nd, 8 members of the Club4x4 forum were joined by one newcomer with a stock Mitsubishi Pajero in a trip to Calugareni, for a few hours of offroad fun. Images speak volumes, so here they are:

If, by any chance you would like to read a (Romanian language) recounting, this is the forum post on the dedicated thread.

As always, If you like these pictures and would want to see more, you are invited to subscribe to my blog.

PS: special thanks to Daniel, my replacement photographer for the day. Most of the photos are captured by him with my camera.

2 thoughts on “Calugareni offroad revisited

  1. I think it’s going to be more feasible to open a carwash of your own soon 🙂

    Other than that – looks like it was tons of fun, as usual

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