Just Google Leaota

I have noticed today that if you google “Leaota”  my blog comes up on the first results page,  together with other high class sites such as alpinet and mielu.ro ! Cool!

3 thoughts on “Just Google Leaota

  1. This is the point where the adsense income will really start to ramp up –
    If you would be using it, that is 😛

  2. In this case U should elaborate more on the topic (lyrics, more lyrics=narrative) and post more pictures with the sightseeing…
    u need more value added…
    DON’T keep the good work for yourself… SHARE IT…

  3. I hope to be able to go back in the area very soon, I am searching for maps, GPS programs, google earth schemes, etc to have some clues as to how to tackle the track.
    Last time we had to come back from a path because we were running out of time and had no idea where it would take us…

    I would also like to go up from Runcu and down in Sinaia, visitng Bolboci Lake…

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