5 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Even though I’m not the master of technicalities, but more of an artistic eye, I would’ve hoped to have the focus only on the spider and leave the rest of the picture blurry as the colors do the favor for the flower… Since everybody’s trying to convince me that I’m too critical, I have to refute this accusation and say “I’m very fond of this pic”…
    I’m astonished by the lavender thin “veins” seen through the transparency of the petals… WOW!!
    It’s the light going through the cup giving that appearance/look/image/impression…
    BIG WOW! Did anybody notice that?

    1. I can answer that: the thin DOF is the biggest problem in macro photography. If you look at the background you will see it;s COMPLETELY out of focus, with a very nice bokeh also…

      However, to also cut the flower out would have been MUCH more difficult, as the spider was not still. So, you go for safe shots first (that is f/8) and then work from there…

      If I do recall correctly, I also used a macro ring…

  2. Maybe I’m too romantic, and everybody else would say it’s just a flower, and just a bee during a busy casual day at work…

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