Cuidado al tiburon!
Grande Peligro!

2 thoughts on “DANGER !

  1. Did not know that these animals (took me honestly a while because I was looking for the mud and over sized tires) occur in the off roading environment now as well – global warming, stupid.

      Yeeessss, didn’t you notice, there everywhere now, even in casinos, in the slot machines areas !
      Honestly now, can you imagine how scary it is to be in the middle of the forest, ankle deep in mud, and to see a shark like this circling above you??? 🙂

      To really get serious here, you have to agree that since our last conversation about the subject, the number of photogaphies has dramatically increased.
      I do have to post recounts of our weekend adventures, because it’s part of my life too, and there are numerous guys who wait for them….

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