Jardines del Real, Valencia

Wandering around in

Jardines del Real
Jardines del Real

I found this

Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree

and I could not resist shooting it Ken Rockwell style 🙂

5 thoughts on “Jardines del Real, Valencia

  1. Thank you very much for your nice comments!
    Keep that in mind for when someone asks you “do you know a good photographer” 🙂

    1. … and just to re-assure: These a true photographies, no pictures ! What impresses me is how you managed to capture this hotel building and the tree – wow!

      1. I think the ‘secret’ in those pictures is, (beyond perfect exposure 😛 ) the fact that I used an ultra-wide-lens.
        It is always important to show in your pictures angles of view, approaches that are not ‘normal’ to viewers.
        Ultra-wide lenses help you do that very easily…

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