8 thoughts on “Desire

  1. In terms of composition, i would give you an “A”… as far the technicalities and the quality of the pictures, I would say it’s not your best…

  2. That’s the problem with not being a talented photographer: I either get the composition right or the technical aspects 😛

    But, what is it that you resent technically?

  3. No, not something erotic, desire is not necessarily about eros. The word “desire” names something too refined for a child, and a child is the character of this photo.

    I would have named it Curiosity.

  4. I have to tell you that it did take me quite a bit to find a satisfying name for this post….
    Coming to your suggestion, the reason I named it desire instead of curiosity is because, what I saw when I took this picture was not a child looking to see how jamon cerano is cut (I assume he had already seen how ham is cut). I thought I saw a young kid drooling, stopped in his tracks at the sight of a delicacy , and he just could not budge…

    Of course, everybody sees it differently, and I already noticed that with some other photos… I was thinking I should not name the photos at all, but then, I have to give some names to the posts…

  5. guys, it’s all about craving, the little one is craving for a slice of meat… stop bullshitting around eroticism cause it’s not a naked blonde…

    eating it’s a vital necessity… salivary conditioning of Pavlov’s dogs is involved…

    the best synonym for craving it’s desire.. unfortunately craving does sound right for an artistic catch…so DESIRE works best…

    dear shooter you were so lucky to get such a great ‘picture’…

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