While in Valencia I visited the botanical garden. I did take some nice plant shots (visit again in the following days, or beter yet, SUBSCRIBE to my blog to be sure you don’t miss them),  but I want to start with an unusual shot to characterize a botanical garden:

Spanish Cismigiu
Spanish Cismigiu

There is a certain similarity I found to Cismigiu park in Bucharest. That’s why I was thinking of naming this post smething on the lines of Spanish Deja Vu. What other titles would you suggest for this post?

2 thoughts on “Peacefulness

  1. Even though their is no abundance of solar colors (yellow, red, orange, etc.), the picture makes you feel the warmth of the atmosphere… it’s so quite and peaceful… because of the presence of old people resting peaceful on the benches in the sun more than looking for the shade as in a hot summer day, I would call it SPRING SERENITY…

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