The simple life (again)

Since last autumn I wanted to revisit Trasnsalpina. This summer I was able to up the game and do Transalpina a second time, but also include the Strategic road in that day’s trip.  I will tell you more about the Strategic road in following posts. For now I will just tell you that it, like Transalpina, was built by the Germans in the second World War and is a 60km dirt road going from starting from nowhere, going to the middle of another road 🙂 .

It makes however a great trip for sightseeing and for testing your suv or crossover. It’s a child’s play for real 4×4’s .  After some 45 out of 56 kilometres I found this settlement of mushroom gatherers! Literally in the middle of nowhere, these guys had power generators and lived in Quechua tents  underneath the plastic covers…

Mushroom gatherers
Mushroom gatherers camp on the Strategic road in Sibiu County

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