Dont be a bloody elk!

We humans use animal metaphors to express certain behavioral patterns that do not fit into what we consider normal for our peers. In Romanian we mainly use the semblances to the  pig, donkey and the ox to bash somebody. (In recent years, we started to also use the buffalo, especially after this guy appeared on the net).  Despite all the animal metaphors we have in the Romanian language and despite the vast range of animals that populate our country, the administration of the Piatra Craiului natural reservation chose to use an elk to illustrate their posters:

Bloody Elk
Bloody Elk

Yes, I know, i did intend the pun…

And what about the imagery? Kind of creepy, huh? What are your comments on this?

PS: Oh wait! just go to their site and check out the billion of elks there 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dont be a bloody elk!

    1. I did think about it when I posted it the first time. It’s the shape of the horns made me steer away from deer to elk 🙂

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